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FOR A RESPONSIBLE USE OF VIDEO GAMES. In the absence of more up-to-date reports, according to data from the latest 2021 AEVI (Spanish Video Games Association) yearbook, we are already more than 18.1 million the number of gamers in our country. We dedicate 8.1 hours a week on average and two years ago 1,017,642 game consoles and 6,948,452 video games were sold. With Nintendo Switch in the lead, close to half a million consoles, it was followed by far by the PlayStation 5 with 275,000 units and the Xbox Series X | S with 83,000 devices. If we talk about titles released in 2021, FIFA 22 was the star, followed by Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shimmering Pearl. The 2022 Top 3 went to FIFA 23, Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, and Pokémon Arceus Legends.

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It is true that we have spent two years that will be remembered for the lack of stock of the new generation due to production problems. A ‘I want and I can’t’ that has allowed Nintendo to top all the sales listings. But it must also be recognized that they have managed to capitalize on all the hardware sold with a very attractive offer for the age ranges from 6 to 10 years, from 11 to 14 years and from 15 to 24 years, which are the ones that concentrate the highest percentage of players ( 76%, 78% and 74%, respectively) in their fork. If we talk about equipment, 27% do it on consoles, 9% on portable models, 27% on mobile, 22% on PC and 12% on tablet.

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In view of this photograph, there are several challenges that arise due to possible misuse and/or abuse, mainly in the earliest ages. Uncontrolled use can progressively lead to a serious disorder: the obsessive player loses control over the game and this is the one who determines how far he can go. In addition, it has also been linked to an increased risk of developing a harmful sedentary lifestyle. And, at this point, many parents are wondering: How do I set rules? Where do I begin? How can I manage the game or the communication within it? And it is that playing can also have positive effects: it promotes socialization and participation in common activities, increases tolerance for failure, optimizes decision-making and improves visual and manual coordination and the acquisition of psychomotor skills. We offer you the best tips to achieve responsible use.

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The photo of the week

Gaudí at home.

Topic of the week: Alexa turning off?

A rumor is spreading: Alexa could be about to disappear on Amazon. So, will the smart homes of millions of customers soon be without this tool? Next, we talk about all this.

The topic of the week: Global data traffic on the Internet

December 14, 2022: This was the day with the highest data flow per minute worldwide. More and more data is transmitted over the Internet.

The topic of the week: What will be next?

With the ChatGPT chatbot, OpenAI is making waves on the internet. But what comes after trying it? Computer Hoy offers you another perspective.

All about security: Home Office Surveillance

At home or in the office itself: monitoring employees is currently a hot potato.

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Gadget of the week: Withings, under control

Getting on the scale every morning is a ritual for many. Withings Body Scan analyzes not only weight and body composition, but also the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

News: News

The latest in technology, apps, streaming, VR, companies, education, startups, leisure and social media.

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Self defined.


parental control in video games

If your children develop a sudden interest in games, it is important that you properly configure the console and mobile they are going to use. At Computer Today we give you the push you need.

Spreadsheets: Comments in Excel

Do you want to add extra information in the cells and have it displayed as a popup message? Excel comments work like this and are more versatile than you might imagine.

Word processors: Recover documents in Word

If you use Microsoft Word a lot, these solutions will surely be very useful for you: how to recover documents that were not saved due to an error or failure.

Improve your projects: Identify letters and fonts

Fonts are part of the visual impact in any branch of graphic design. If you’ve seen a font you’d like to use, but you can’t identify it, don’t worry.

Squeeze your browser: Capture an entire web page

Did you know that it is possible to create a screenshot of a certain web page in full screen from Chrome? You can achieve it with the Awesome Screenshot extension.

The best tricks: 4 Tricks for old equipment

Do you have an old computer and want to get it back on track? Follow these tips and give your computer a second life!

Apps for iOS and Android: Choose your next book

Are you an inveterate reader who has lost the illusion for a new reading? Do you want to give this activity another chance? These apps will help you choose the best book.

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Consumption under control: 10 Smart Plugs

Keep an eye on electricity consumption and control the home from a distance: our comparison tells you which smart plugs make it possible.

All iPhone: Comparison of 16 models

With the launch of the iPhone 14 series, the choice of Apple phones is wider than ever, as is the price range. Which iPhone is the most suitable for you?

The latest technology

LG gram 17 laptop, Shokz OpenRun headphones, Y-Brush NylonBlack, WD WD_BLACK SN850X NVME SSD, Roccat Vulcan II Max keyboard and Logitech Brio 505 camera.


Technology for everyone: Who wants to regulate artificial intelligence?

Is it still too soon to regulate artificial intelligence or do we need to already have a clear regulatory framework? To this day, the visions of legislators are very different.

Technology for everyone: Get to win against an invincible AI!

Artificial intelligence has beaten us in all age-old games. But the time has come to return the play, using his same weapons.

Technology for everyone: What do we see when we open new eyes?

When art allies itself with technoscience, it is possible to redirect our gaze, as if we were opening new eyes. This allows us to ask new questions.

Technology for everyone: They discover a fifth layer of the Earth

We continue to discover new data about the interior of the Earth. Information that shows us that we barely know anything.

We solve your doubts: Questions & Answers

There are many questions about technical issues that you send us. In this section we answer all your questions.

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