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The other final: the match of the brands for being on the podium | TRENDS

The America Cup It is in its most decisive moments and there is little left to know which place on the podium each team will occupy in the most important tournament in South America.

But not only the national teams seek glory. The clothing brands of each squad dispute a commercial competition from the beginning of the championship.

At the start of the Copa América, there were five different firms in charge of dressing each national team. These are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Marathon and Gigova. The company with the largest number of sponsors was Adidas, with four competing teams (Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Japan).

But the German brand will not see any of its sponsors lift the trophy: Argentina will only be able to fight for third place. The losing streak of adidas has been in this region for several years, Nike he came out on top in the last two editions with Chile and, before that, Uruguay.

The American brand (Brazil, Chile and Ecuador) and Marathon (Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador) continue on the list. Finally, Puma and the Italian Givova have Uruguay and Venezuela in their portfolio, respectively.

For its part, Nike scored another goal by being the supplier of the ball with which the tournament was played. The Nike Merlin Rabisco, as it was dubbed, retails for $105, although at one point it cost $150.

One symbol, two versions

Among the four teams that reached the semifinals, Chile has the most expensive shirt in terms of the sale price in their country. The cost to acquire it amounts to US$73. It is followed by the Argentina shirt, with a value of US$70 in its territory.

Brazil ranks third on this list. His shirt is priced at US$65. However, if the fan wants to have the shirt worn by one of La Canarinha’s superstars, he must pay US$117, the highest sum among all these products.

T-shirt marathon from Peru also has two versions. The regular one has a value of US$ 60. In case you want the same ‘skin’ that players like Advíncula or Guerrero wear, the price to pay is US$ 90.

The difference is that the special edition has flat seams to avoid irritation, the official seal of the Peruvian Football FederationUV protection, a design that adapts to the body, among other details.


PEOPLE will be able to see the final of the Copa América at the Maracana stadium in Rio.

In short

Do the aegis fall on this tournament?
Comparative. The Copa América presented four official sponsors for this edition. These are TLC (Chinese multinational electronics company), Mastercard, Brahma and GOL (Brazilian airline).
On the other hand, the Copa América Centenario had a total of 14 brands as sponsors. For its part, the 2015 Copa América Chile had six marks behind the championship.

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