The pill to stop various types of cancer is Spanish and it is already a reality

Great and very good news for the field of medicine and all from the hand of the Spanish scientist Asier Unciti Broceta, director of the Institute of Genetics and Cancer laboratory at the University of Edinburgh (recognized as one of the best in the world), who has managed to close all the procedures to create a revolutionary new discovery in pill form to stop various types of cancer.

Named NXP900, this tablet which has been in development since 2010 explains that “From the beginning, we focused our research on the SRC protein, which is involved in certain types of cancer. Relatively early on, we made a drug discovery, for a compound that inhibits this protein.”

“When we discovered an inhibitor, there were already inhibitors on the market that were being used for leukemia, which inhibited other proteins. The difference is that it had never been possible to create a drug that worked to fight cancer,” Add.

Regarding this pill, they explain that it is less intrusive in the body as can be the case with current chemotherapy and Unciti qualifies the aspect that “Our molecule is so selective that it stops the tumor and the immune system recognizes it and ends up destroying it. It’s as if it helped the immune system.”

The scientist from Algeciras Asier Unciti Broceta (left) in the Edinburgh laboratory.  EFE

NXP900, the Spanish drug created to stop cancer

As he explains, the path has not been easy since it was quite complex to convince and demonstrate to the pharmaceutical industry that the other pills already developed fail to inhibit this protein and, however, his does.

To get to this point, the Unciti team of researchers has been conducting preclinical tests on animals. “It is stopping tumors such as lung, breast or prostate cancer in many mice”, Explain. It is expected that the first clinical studies in human patients can be carried out next summer.

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To this we must add that Nuvectis, the pharmaceutical company that has already completed the process of making the NXP900 pill that seeks to revolutionize the field of medicine, is responsible for the fact that this research of so many years has finally gone ahead.

this is it finalizing the registration of the pill with the United States Food and Drug Administrationas well as the process for the introduction of the compound in capsules.

“We’ve flipped around the academic world and now the world’s leading experts on this protein are saying that this drug is the one that can finally cure that kind of disease.” cancer. There has been a paradigm shift.”adds Unciti.

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