The role of Romina from Big Brother in the final of the leader test: “Santa Fe? I thought it was from Rosario”

Romina’s mistake from Big Brother when answering questions so as not to be nominated

at the gala of Big Brother of this wednesday, Santiago del Moro He was in charge of reading the questions at the end of the leader’s test. In this way, the objective was to answer the largest number of queries correctly, all related to the cycle that is broadcast by Telefe. It was then that Romina Uhriga former deputy, made a serious mistake when answering one and upset both the participants and the driver himself.

The question in question from Del Moro was: “Besides Juliana, what other ex-participant is a native of the province of Santa Fe?” For which Romina was thoughtful and then assured: “None”, then the Big Brother driver immediately indicated that he gave an incorrect answer.

“It’s Tomi Holder,” said Santiago and Romina pointed out: “Santa Fe? I thought it was from Rosario”. In this way, the player did not recognize that the city is from the Argentine province, she would have classified them as two different jurisdictions and she left the rest of her teammates speechless who were observing the definition.

The questions to Romina in Big Brother

Later, the driver marked the mistake and she exclaimed: “Ah, Rosario is Santa Fe. What a ball…”, while Nacho Castañares and Julieta Poggio could not contain their laughter. It should be remembered that the competition pairs were put together by the participant herself, where she chose to be against Marcos Ginocchio.

At the previous gala, Juliet Poggio He had not been satisfied with the division of groups for the leader’s test and he made it known to Nacho Castañares, who would not have taken Romina Uhrig’s decision well either. “When she said about the couples, she didn’t want to go with me. At the touch she told me: ‘Well, not to go together’ ”, she expressed the influencer about the former deputy.

In this sense, the young man burst out laughing and said: “It screwed me up,” while Julieta continued to add information about what happened. “He told me as if to say: ‘Don’t even think about saying it out loud'”, affirmed Julieta and Nacho indicated: “I should have gone with Marquitos”. To this, she replied: “You would have told him that you did not agree and that you wanted to go with the cousin.”

Quickly, Nacho confessed: “It’s a joke because of what Romi said” and finally, hurt by her friend’s attitude, the 21-year-old asserted: “You’d better, because if not, you’re the second person to rule me out. Now I’m going to tell Romi”.

Marcos Gianocchio became the first finalist of the reality show. Thus, the former deputy was nominated along with Juliet and Nacho, who had been left behind on Tuesday night, after losing the first part of the leader’s test. From now on, the public vote is positive.

Among his answers, the participant from Salta made a mistake in answering the profession of his former partner Juan Reverdito. “He is a taxi driver,” assured the participant and Santiago del Moro had to count the answer as invalid since he is a taxi driver. However, he managed to answer 10 questions correctly.

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