The sharp phrases of Jimena Barón against Daniel Osvaldo and Gianinna Maradona in full show

The chicanas from Jimena Baron to Daniel Osvaldo and Gianinna Maradona in full show

Jimena Baron He returned to the stage and his first performance was on March 11 at the Harvest for Everyone in Mendoza, but the images were broadcast this Saturday on the American screen with a special on the best of that night. The singer, who this year is releasing her new album, fell in love with everyone with her look, which showed a lot of skin.

In front of a crowd, he recalled with sharp phrases his relationship with daniel osvaldo and the friendship he had with Gianinna Maradona. Without mentioning either of them, the actress performed three of her hits and pointed out who inspired them. “We brought the trilogy to Mendoza, which is La araña, La cobra and La tonta,” she began by saying.

“They are like three fundamental volumes that you have to have in life. Shit friends, no. A shitty boyfriend, no. Going around making chicken for anyone, either ”, she expressed to the audience that applauded her during her presentation. Let’s remember that the artist spent that weekend with her son, osvaldo morrisonand your current partner, Matias Palleiro.

Jimena Barón returned to the stage
Jimena Barón returned to the stage

Then, on her Instagram account, where she is followed by almost 6 million people, the actress also shared a summary of her hours in the province of Cuyo, but what attracted the most attention was the costumes she chose for the party. “In 28 hours we flew to Mendoza, we stepped on stage for the first time in 2023, we filled the Bustelo Auditorium and we sang happy birthday to Momo, I wrote a cute little letter to myself and asked for the blood on the plane that I saw that They weren’t going to eat them so tomorrow I don’t have to cook for Momo’s lunch box. Finally coming back. I am happy, ”she wrote at the bottom of her post.

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Let’s remember that Jimena Baron presented this week the new video clip “The crazy ones” through different platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, among others. This is the fourth preview of what will be the singer’s next album that will be released shortly. The production of this material was carried out by Juan Lucas Arbe and Mauro De Tommaso.

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On this occasion, the popular artist appears at the beginning of the video in a wedding dress entering a church to get married. “Finally a good man, who takes care of me, who loves me, who everyone likes, I learned. Everyone can see that I understood good love, that I already know how to assert myself, that the past is past because now I choose well”, says the interpreter.

Jimena Barón told the story of Los Locos, her new song

Although she believes that she found her ideal partner, she realizes that he is not the prince she dreamed of. When she discovers that she has been betrayed, she decides not to marry and makes a drastic decision to get rid of him. “Crazy, you turned out to be another crazy person. If good things last so little, I won’t cry. Another crazy one, don’t say that I provoke them, they stick to me as soon as I touch them, always the same ending ”, he says J Mena.

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The video continues to shape a story that, like a puzzle, continues to introduce us to this character who is under pressure to be the perfect woman and meets the spider, which symbolically represents betrayal for her. This leads her to rethink everything and go down new paths in her life. In this way, the artist sings again a story of heartbreak, tragedy and deceit.

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