The test of the leader in Big Brother: there are already two participants on the plate and today it is defined who will be the first finalist

Nacho and Julieta questioned Romina’s decision about the leader’s test (Video: “Big Brother”, Telefe)

On tuesday night, Romina, Marcos, Juliet and Nacho they played the first stage of the last test of the leader of Big Brother: the winner will be the first confirmed as a finalist of the most watched reality show on Argentine television and the remaining three will go directly to the nomination panel, and the decision will be in the hands of the public through the telephone vote.

On Monday, Santiago del Moro He had warned the four participants who continue in the most famous house in the country that, unlike other editions, this time there will be three finalists: next Sunday one of them will leave the contest and from that moment on the vote will be positive. That is to say that people will choose who they want to win Big Brother. For this, the driver announced the rules of the last test for the leadership that began at the gala on Tuesday. “You are going to play in pairs and the winning pair on Tuesday goes to the final on Wednesday,” he anticipated and asked the participants to put together the duets.

“Who do you feel more content with, calmer, to play with? It depends on you,” said the driver. Immediately, Romina took command of the decision and suggested to Marcos that he be her duo, thus leaving Nacho and Julieta as the other. None objected at the time and they confirmed it to Del Moro.

However, they later showed a clip in which Nacho and Julieta questioned the decision their partner had made. “In the couples game, Romi didn’t want to go with me,” the actress told Nacho and reproduced the former deputy’s sayings: “Well, not to go together…”. The young man was the first to recriminate him. “It shit me. He shit on me, ”insisted who added that she would have preferred to compete with Marcos. “Because? What do you want to tell me? You would have said you disagree. You are the second person who discards me, “replied the young woman.

Nacho and Julieta lost the leadership test and are already on the plate (Video: “Big Brother”, Telefe)

At night, the four of them competed in a test of strength and endurance in which they had to carry buckets of sand from one side to the other: Marcos and Romina they beat the duo of Nacho and Juliet. In such a way that these last two are already on the list of nominees, although it is still not possible to vote – del Moro clarified – and the others will play tonight to define who is the last leader of the most famous house in the country and the first to be in the final of Big Brother, whose last broadcast will be seen on Monday, March 27.

When the competition ended and the players returned to the living room to chat with Del Moro, Julieta could not contain her tears and, through tears, said: “It cost me. I can dance for three hours, but I’m terrible at running. It makes me frustrated for Nacho. It makes me frustrated as when plans are changed, we already thought that we were all in the final. What a silly. I feel bad for Nacho because I gave it my all, but I couldn’t”. Immediately, whoever was her duo made an approving gesture over her shoulder, trying to contain her and let her know that everything was fine.

“Nacho and Julieta are already nominated. Voting has not yet been opened. We will see tomorrow who goes to the final and who goes to the plate with you, because the Cousin (by Marcos) and Romina have been the winners. Tomorrow they are going to fight a duel to see who wins the leadership”, del Moro communicated about the last instance of the competition that will be seen live at the gala this Wednesday night. It should be noted that it will be a different test from the one on Tuesday and the production of the program has not yet informed it publicly or the players.

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