They capture Juan Carlos Reynoso, manager of Omega Pro for Latin America

One of the five captured by the Mexican authorities is the main leader in Latin America of Omegapro.

One of the five captured by the Mexican authorities is the main leader in Latin America of Omegapro.

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A Peruvian man, Juan Carlos Reynoso, manager for Latin America of the questioned OmegaPro platform, He was captured in Mexico, together with the Argentine, Hernán Samper Richar and the Mexicans, Juan Carlos Minero Alonso, José Antonio Rodríguez García and José Luis, in the midst of an operation carried out by the Attorney General’s Office of Justice (FGJ) and the Secretariat of Citizen Security with the support of the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico and the National Guard.

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The Mexican authorities executed a search warrant at the facilities of the company Black Wall Street Capital, located in the Anzures neighborhood, in Mexico City. According to the investigations carried out by the Mexican authorities at said address, “Possibly activities related to crimes against health are carried out, through acts of commercialization of narcotics, which were corroborated with field work by police officers from the Secretariat of Citizen Security ”, the statement states.

Black Wall Street Capital

The company involved in the alleged crimes of drug trafficking and money laundering It describes itself on its website as “an independent investment adviser, regulated by the Mexican authorities, which with a global discretionary asset management strategy seeks to generate the highest return with the lowest possible risk within the international financial markets.”

Ministerial sources revealed that It is being investigated whether the alleged financier was a cash laundering business for an armed group linked to the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel, according to the newspaper El Universal. Both the insured objects and the people who were arrested were made available to the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office.

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Juan Carlos Reynoso and OmegaPro

The questioned businessman was the visible figure for Latin America of the OmegaPro platformthat since November it stopped delivering the juicy yields that promised up to 300% profit for an alleged hack. Since then, between excuses and changes in conditions, the money has not yet arrived.

Doubts about OmegaPro, the managers and the resources are growing, not only because of the capture of Reynoso, who had not appeared for months, but also because of the actions of his promoters, who every day they seek to erase the trace that connects them with the company. They have been disregarding telling people that “in investments there are always risks”, there are even several complaints that affirm that these people have migrated to other platforms. Even the company’s website erased the trace on investments in currencies and digital assets and now presents itself as a marketing platform.

In a video posted on Facebook in January 2022, Reynoso stated: “we are in the foreign exchange market and our objective is to build the community of trading largest in the world, developing and bringing services to the online market, directly to people’s homes. He also added that “in more than three years, we have reached a million and a half people who have achieved results with OmegaPro’s tools and products.”

But the products were not limited to trading online, but in fact its main objective seemed to be to involve investors so that it could attract more people with very attractive immediate profits.

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For extra earnings they had three options: direct sales, for which the company paid 7% of the new investment; the network bonus, which was earned by adding people to their teams, based on a binary system, by which they earned 10% of the total of their own scheme. These resources were paid weekly.

The last bonus was about pool of leadership, that is, the rank reached, where the structure of each one of the leaders was reflected. This ladder worked with names in English like this: Associate, builder, silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Blue Diamond, Black Diamond, Crown Diamond and Royal Crow Diamond.

Every Sunday, Juan Carlos Reynoso connected to a long-awaited meeting that kept the motivation for the business alive. The meetings were called “corporate call” and as one of the leaders affirmed in a video posted on the Internet, it was a direct contact with what is called “corporate” where the famous diamonds were connected.

What did the Financial Superintendence say?

last november 30 the Financial Superintendence of Colombia reiterated to the public that “advertising and promoting products and services for investments in the Forex market advanced on behalf of the foreign firm OmegaPro or any of its denominations (OMP, OMP Money, Digital Investment, Digital Group, New Digital Economy, Digital Business, The Omega Effect, Alpha Pro, Native Empire or Dreamers) they do not have the necessary authorizations to be offered in the country”.

Within the investigations carried out by the entity, it has been possible to verify that in the diversity of schemes used to the offers of the OmegaPro platform have a business model in which they claim to operate in the Forex marketactivity that to be carried out in the national territory requires the authorization of the Financial Superintendency.

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The statement states that they induce the interested person to participate through the payment of memberships with crypto assets and also promise fixed returns payable in said form of exchange through the individual account that each client must open and that increase in addition to the promised profitability to the extent that new people are summoned to the scheme”.

Finally, they clarify that “as has happened in the past, this control body continues to investigate natural or legal persons who offer the products and services of the OmegaPro platform without authorization in the national territory, who may be subject to administrative and precautionary measures, as well as pecuniary fines”.

Asoblockchain and collective complaints

Currently, a group of businessmen who claim to “work for the well-being of the crypto and blockchain community” are carrying out collective actions that allow them to criminally denounce this type of business that affects Colombian society.

They have launched a campaign called “Colombia free of scams” and they hope to bring as a citizen initiative a bill that represents the realities of the digital economy. In addition, that through the criminalization of the crime it is possible to stop this type of pyramids and also the people who, under the deception and abuse of marketing networks, bring these schemes to the country and promote them without any type of responsibility.

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