They create a configurable robot capable of combining for various tasks in space

In space exploration it is essential to surround yourself with a multitude of robots that can do those jobs that are unattainable for human beings, and one of them is the exploration of inhospitable planets or satellites of our solar system.

And now scientists from MIT have presented robots that can be mixed and matched with each other to create a multitude of configurations useful for different tasks.

In this way, instead of carrying several robot On space exploration, one robot of this type could be taken and combined into many different ones to perform a large set of tasks.

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This new system is called WORMSthat is, a Walking Oligomeric Robotic Mobility System.

The astronauts could go into the shed, choose the worms they need, along with the right shoes, body, sensors, and tools, and they could assemble everything and then take it apart to make a new one. Design is flexible, sustainable and cost effective“, it states George Lordos, Ph.D. candidate and graduate instructor in the MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AeroAstro).

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These robots were born in a presentation within NASA’s “Innovative Revolutionary Ideas Challenge”

This robot has its motors, sensors, on-board computer and battery, and is inspired by the flexible worm.

While thinking about these animal inspirations, we realized that one of the simplest animals, the worm, makes movements similar to those of an arm, a leg, a spine or a tail.”says the deputy team leader and AeroAstro graduate student. Michael Brown.

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And then the light bulb went on: We could build all these animal-inspired robots using worm-like appendages.“, Add.

Our idea was that with just a few parts, combined in different ways, you could mix and match and get all these different robots.“, Add Brooke BenscheAeroAstro student.

These robots were born last year in a presentation within NASA’s “Innovative Revolutionary Ideas Challenge”.

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