This device detects Airtags and other BLE tags so you don’t get tracked

Currently, the trackers Bluetooth They are used everywhere from helping find keys, wallets, bags, transportation cards and much more with the Apple Airtag as the main protagonist.

If you’re worried about being tracked by any of them, you might be interested in a new device called BlueSleuth-Lite able to alert you and immediately identify BLE tags from manufacturers like Apple, Tile, Samsung and others.

In the specific case of Apple (although this includes other brands) and although AirTags are designed to help users keep track of their belongings, the big problem is that they can also be misused for crimes, which represents a danger to people’s safety and privacy.

Qualify that although the Apple AirTag has introduced security problems, it is somewhat unfair to focus only on this one since Manzana He was not the first to develop tracking technologies. However, yes it is fair to point to this brand as an example as it has made these tracking devices very popular.

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BlueSleuth-Lite: the surveillance device for Apple AirTags

BlueSleuth-Lite: the surveillance device for Apple AirTags

Well, BlueSleuth-Lite is a curious and revolutionary personal security device designed to help users discover hidden Bluetooth trackers near them.

The Lite version of this device It is a model with a very small size that fits in the palm of your hand and can even be attached to your key ring at home so that users can always be notified of possible illegal tracking of the main Bluetooth trackers (AirTag, Tile, Galaxy Smart Tags…) that occur.


“Anyone with a smartphone can digitally track anyone’s movements and these violations are now spilling over into the real world. People who are harassed and tracked don’t realize it for many hours.” says Scott Schober, wireless technology expert and CEO, of the inspiration behind the project.

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As mentioned before, the big underlying problem is that some are using AirTags to commit crimes by placing them on people or property. For example, some criminals attach AirTags to the underside of luxury vehicles to find out where the owner lives. From there, the vehicle can be stolen or, even worse, the house can be broken into.

This device detects Airtags and other BLE tags so you won't be tracked without your permission

This is something Apple is already controlling with apps for Apple and Android devices that manage to perform the “same” function as the BlueSleuth-Lite. The problem these apps face is that do not immediately notify users when tags are detectedsince they wait a certain time before doing so.

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The Bluetooth-Sleuth Lite does not require an app and displays all relevant information on the included screen. “We developed BlueSleuth-Lite to give anyone a way to immediately identify nearby BLE tags that could be used to illegally stalk and track anyone”Schober explains.

In addition, since the device is specifically designed for the detection of AirTags, it is more sensitive and accurate as compared to apps.

Mention that this device is currently immersed in a crowdfunding campaign that, if favorable, is expected to ship worldwide sometime around June 2023.

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