This iPhone feature allows criminals to steal your entire digital identity in a matter of minutes

In terms of smartphones, there has always been the perception that iPhones are the most secure phones on the market, however, a Wall Street Journal investigation has discovered a huge vulnerability in all these phones that allows cybercriminals to steal your entire identity. digital (accounts, information and photos) just by getting your unlock PIN.

Today, where more and more important aspects of our lives are collected on a smartphone, cybersecurity is a very important topic. That is why the world watches with concern iPhone security vulnerability, that due to the operation of a basic characteristic, such as the unlock pin code, they can steal every last drop of information from your Apple account.

This type of robbery is taking place above all in the United States, where hundreds of complaints have been registered, although similar attacks have also been detected in London.

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How does this attack work?

The victim is in a bar or place gone by, and without knowing it is being watched by a group of thieves. As in any place, the victim unlock your phonethe crooks expect you to do it through the PIN code to be able to copy and learn your sequence of digits.

Once they have your PIN, as soon as they have the opportunity Your iPhone will be stolen (with or without force) and in a matter of minutes the tragedy can occur, that is, they steal and expel you from all your digital identity.

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Apple’s entire security depends on a six-digit PIN

The first thing they will do is access your phone with the PIN and change password for Apple ID (they only need said PIN), immediately afterwards will disable the function “Find my iPhone” so you can’t track it.

next thing will be eject the victim from their other Apple devicesthat is, changing the passwords of the Apple ID can cause you to lose access to your accounts on any device, which could mean that you already you will never be able to access your digital Apple identity againthat is, you will lose any document, photo, file or memory that you have so much on the device as in the cloud.

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Once you have been kicked out of your Apple account, the criminals will proceed to steal money. In several cases, the victims have denounced the theft of more than 10,000 dollars, and it is that to allow the sending of money or the payment of a product, only the PIN code is required (if you do not use facial or fingerprint identification).

In this way, the bank account like any other money app can be used with this PIN. This problem continues to grow, and so far Apple has not done anything about it, so with just a PIN, a criminal can take over your iPhone and your entire iOS ecosystem.

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