This is the new Lefties flagship store, the most experiential store of the future

The concept of flagship store comes from the hand of lefties with a store (with four floors) that fully integrates the physical part, online and of course a accessible fashion proposal for the whole family (women, men and children -baby, girl and boy-) and its latest and first line of makeup for all skin tones and types. The opening took place on March 3rd and it did so in the heart of the city of Barcelona in the form of a experiential space (and iconic) highlighting the traditional building architecture: very high ceilings, a glass dome that presides over the center of the store, the restoration of some beautiful wooden moldings and a fireplace that decorates one of the floors. The chosen place? He emblematic building designed in the 19th century, by the architect Josep Domènech, at Portal de L’Àngel 20-22.

Of course, in their new proposal they have incorporated the cutting-edge technologies that characterize the brand, such as smart changing rooms that automatically manage access to reduce waiting lines. In fact, with this new system, you can go directly to try on your looks, as long as there is one available. Another of its advantages? If the capacity exceeds more than 50% of the capacity, you will be able to continue with your purchases, while the machine manages the shifts, and as soon as there is a free fitting room you will receive a notification on your mobile through your apps or by a printed ticket. You choose!

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