This Is Why Spotify Hasn’t Launched Lossless HiFi Audio Yet

For several years now, the streaming music market has been growing by leaps and bounds, consolidating itself as one of the most popular ways to listen to music around the world. In this context, Spotify It has positioned itself as one of the main streaming music platforms, with millions of users around the world.

In this sense, one of the big announcements made by the company in recent months was the announcement of SpotifyHiFia new subscription option that promises to deliver lossless audio quality up to 24-bit and 192kHz.

As announced by the company, this service will be available worldwide and will offer an audio quality that will exceed the sound quality currently offered by other streaming services.

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Although the launch date of Spotify HiFi has been pushed back several times, the company has confirmed that it is still working on this project and hopes to launch it in the near future.

Lossless HiFi music is one of Spotify’s plans

In fact, recently one of Spotify’s co-presidents, Gustav Söderström, has confirmed that the launch of Spotify HiFi is still underway and that the company is working hard to make it happen.

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According to Gustav Söderström, Spotify HiFi is a very important project for the company, as it will allow users to enjoy music in a completely new way. The audio quality offered by this service will be comparable to that of the physical formats of high quality.

Which means that users will be able to enjoy a much more immersive and detailed audio experience. But why is audio quality in streaming music important? First, because it allows users to listen to music as it was intended by the artists.

Additionally, higher audio quality means greater clarity in the details of the music, making for a much richer and more satisfying music listening experience.

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Ultimately, the launch of Spotify HiFi will herald a new era for music streaming, allowing users to enjoy lossless audio quality comparable to high-quality formats.

Although we still don’t know when will be released and, is that, what has delayed the release is that the company wants to make this feature as cost effective as possible. In fact, achieving this should not be easy at all since they need to have a consistent price to compete with Apple Music and, at the same time, be profitable.

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