This mini portable dishwasher washes dishes in 40 seconds

Do the washing up by hand is a nuisance, which is why many families resort to dishwasher. But sometimes due to problems of space, price or expense, it is dismissed. shabosh it’s a mini portable dishwasher that wash the dishes in solo 40 secondsconsume only 20% waterand 70 times less electricity than a professional dishwasher. and it only costs 89 euro.

There are many portable dishwashers, but they require connection to a water source, and consume the equivalent of their size.

shabosh it breaks some rules, but we are still not very sure if its operation is as effective and clean as can be seen in the opening video of the news.

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In any case, if do you live alone or you share a house with another person, this invention may interest you.

Shabosh, the mini portable dishwasher without installation

shabosh takes up very little space 35 centimeters long and wide, so you can store it in a closet. He is capable of washing the dishes for a meal for two people.

What is most striking is that it is a open top dishwasher… and you must help with the cleaning:


Does not require installation, just plug it into a socket. Soap is introduced into the box, and the tap opens on a drawer that sends it to a mechanism that pressurizes the water, to send it to the dishes through a small hand hose.

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The user has to use the hose to direct this pressurized water at 65 degrees Celsius mixed with the soap, onto the dishes. Own dishwasher cleans glasses with an internal stream.

The big question we have is that, as it is an open dishwasher where high-pressure water jets are handled, it seems strange that the water does not splash outand even dirt.

According to its creators dishes clean in just 40 secondswith only 3 liters of waterand 70% less electricity.

table top dishwasher

later you can let them air dryalso saving the energy needed to heat the air.

It is a curious way of Wash the dishesalthough it is normal to wonder if we do not take less time washing them by hand, if we have to take the dishwasher out of the closet, connect it to the water and the current, wash, and then clean, dry and collect the appliance.

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for now shaboshhe mini portable dishwasher that wash the dishes in 40 secondsyou are about to reach your funding goal on kickstarter. And it’s not expensive. you can take it for yourself 89 euros, a 53% discount compared to its price in stores. Of course, they will not start shipping until December. First they have to make it.

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