This tablet is much cheaper than an iPad and you will use it for the same

A tablet is often used, first and foremost, to watch videos. It is true that many high-end models are practically a computer, with capacities that are equal to laptops, so they are clearly ideal for working or editing videos, but the entry-level models are more for multimedia consumption, and there is no escape from that either. the Apple iPad.

Nevertheless, there are alternatives with Android that serve the same purpose and are much cheaper, with a Full HD screen, good battery life and a fairly low weight. For example, there is one that we have been able to test thoroughly, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, which is also reduced in price on Amazon to just 174 euros.

It is a great tablet, one of the best 10-inch ones, more than enough size to fully enjoy movies and series on a decent screen, which also has good resolution and a good panel.

Although it has an edition with 4G LTE, the model that Amazon has reduced in price is the one that only has WiFi, although taking into account that you can share data from your mobile phone, it will surely not be a problem at all.

With 3GB of RAM and 32GB Storage is not bad either, although you will almost certainly have to buy a microSD to expand the capacity if you are going to download many videos, photos or if you are going to install many applications.

For the use that is going to be given to it, especially if it is reduced to videos and some basic games, it has more than enough capacity at any of the levels, and it is also made of quality materials, and that is quite noticeable nothing more than you put your hand on it.

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Since it weighs little, it is quite versatile if you plan to take it from one place to another, to study or on a trip, unlike larger and more complete models, which are also usually much heavier.

Obviously, and as is usual in the sector, this tablet comes without a keyboard included, which you must buy separately if you want it, although there are many options both officially by Samsung and unofficially, since it is only necessary that the keyboard have the correct size and Bluetooth.

Once you attach the keyboard it becomes a very good tablet for students, one of many, perhaps a little lacking in terms of power but with good value for money.

As Amazon sells it and it costs more than 29 euros, you will have free shipping, whether or not you have an Amazon Prime account, although if you have it, it will arrive much faster at home, in just one business day.

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