This Xiaomi gadget prevents muscle injuries and Amazon has it on offer

Little by little, Xiaomi has been expanding its catalog with new devices, which are first put on sale in China on a regular basis and then reach more countries, including Spain, which is still one of the main markets of the Asian brand. , where with their mobile phones and scooters, for example, they have achieved a very important market share.

One of the most curious and useful gadgets from Xiaomi that you can buy right now does not have much to do with the others, and it is that it is aimed at health, muscle health in particular. It is about his massage gun, the Xiaomi Massage Gun, which Amazon has also reduced to just 99 euro.

like the others massage guns, help a lot to release muscle tension, especially after exercising or when you have contracted areas They need help to relax. Obviously it does not work miracles and it does not replace the treatment that a physiotherapist can give, but on a day-to-day basis they help a lot.

This Xiaomi model is not exactly the cheapest on sale, but it has some features that make it worthwhile, such as a powerful and long-lasting motor, up to five hours of battery life or quieter operation than the from other models that are sold in stores like Amazon itself or AliExpress.

It has three different speed modes and three heads that you can easily interchange, since not all of them work for the same muscle areas and sometimes it is advisable to apply another type of pressure in areas such as the neck, shoulders or lower back.

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The popularity of these pistols comes from the simple fact that they are becoming cheaper and more accessible, and within the reach of anyone and not just specialized professionals, although Like everything that has to do with health, they must be used with caution. and follow certain tips, such as not applying pressure directly to bones or not being too aggressive with vibration, at the risk of worsening ailments.

As we have already mentioned, there are other models that are much more affordable, such as this one from less than 50 euro that AliExpress sells and that has more or less similar characteristics, although obviously the shipping will take much longer since it would come directly from China.

In the case of the Xiaomi Massage Gun, when it is sold by Amazon Spain, shipping is free and express whether you have an Amazon Prime account or not.

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