Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, bets on Reality Pro in 2023 against the design team

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has just positioned himself on the side of Jeff Williams, the company’s chief of operations, to carry out the first generation of sunglasses. mixed reality (Reality Pro) facing June 2023 and not in 2025 or even 2026, as had been postponed by its designers just a few weeks ago.

Initially it was expected that the mixed reality glasses of Manzana They would go on the market in 2023 (after several previous delays) and that would combine elements of augmented reality and virtual reality.

According to sources close to the project, these glasses They were going to have a price that could be around 2,000 and even 3,000 dollars and they would be intended for industrial and business environments, but it was established to delay it for the next few years (2025 onwards) given its complexity.

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Financial Times reports that this new change in approach has given rise to a great deal of controversy within Apple given the pressure of these two great figures in view of the launch of the Reality Pro. The scheme implied its delay until the highly publicized and also postponed Apple Glasses came out, but everything has changed.

Tim Cook against all odds: Reality Pros have to come out in 2023

Apple engineers working on the mixed reality device told The Financial Times they were under “great pressure to develop” the Reality Pro.

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Of course, just a few years ago, going against the wishes of Apple’s design team would have been unthinkable. However, since the departure of its leader Jony Ive in 2019, Apple’s structure has been reorganized and the design now depends on Williamswhich seems to have the invaluable approval of Tim Cook.

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The problem that now arises is that the design team calls the imminent launch of the Reality Pro crazy. However, Cook wants his legacy to live on just like Steve Jobs did with his famous iPhone.

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An Apple worker says the best part of working at this company used to be engineering solutions to the “crazy requirements” of the design team, but that has changed in recent years and it’s not as much up to them as it just became. demonstrate.

Also, if they actually go for the estimated price of $3,000, questionable sales are expected. For the moment we have to wait and see what finally happens with this new device Apple and whether the company is finally at a major turning point. Having the design team against you is surely not one of the best decisions.

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