Today’s Tech News, Friday, March 17

carousel presentations related to the artificial intelligence: Microsoft introduced its Copilot for Microsoft 365, the fifth version of MidJourney arrives, and Baidu’s Chinese ChatGPT fiasco.

Netflix allied with Microsoft for the technological support of the advertising of his plan with ads, but according to rumors he wants break this agreement in 2024because you want to create your own advertising platform.

Volkswagen has presented in China the first electric car with sodium ion battery. It is cheaper and has a longer recharge cycle, although its energy density is lower.

Technological news

Ernie Bot, the Chinese chatbot competing with ChatGPT, fails in its first demo. read the news

ChatGPT will also put Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant out of work. read the news

Microsoft Copilot is official: you can write entire Word documents with one sentence. read the news

Midjourney V5 is here: images with twice the resolution, more realistic and with fewer errors. read the news

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A regulation to regulate artificial intelligence: increasingly necessary, but there is no consensus. read the news

Amazon could lower the price of hundreds of products in April thanks to this important change. read the news


Huawei close to making history by launching the first foldable phone with satellite connectivity. read the news

Huawei Mate X3

WhatsApp bets on intelligence: soon you will be able to copy text from photos. read the news

How they fool us with 5G. read the tutorial

What does the WPS button on your router do? Discover its function and how to use it. read the tutorial

Computers and tablets

This feature of Windows 10 and 11 could be weighing down the performance of your PC when playing. read the news

Strange noises on the PC: how to identify the error? Read the report

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Lidl brings the anti-waste bag of vegetables and fruits to all its supermarkets for only 3 euros. read the news

TCL c935 65″: the TCL Mini LED that measures up to the best. Read our analysis and opinion

TCL C935, analysis and opinion

6 Xiaomi products that you may not have known you can buy in Spain. Check the list

5 cheap electric barbecues to take advantage of the first days of good weather. Check the list

Ceiling fans in 2023: features, functions, installation and everything you need to know before buying. Consult the buying guide.

entertainment and gaming

10 very annoying things about Netflix that fortunately have a solution. read the news

Netflix wants to break chains with Microsoft. read the news

Netflix wants to break chains with Microsoft

TDTChannels, the best app to watch free DTT on your mobile, is updated with new channels. read the news

The Steam Deck drops in price for the first time in the Steam Spring Sale. read the news

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It may look like another electric car, but it is as revolutionary as a Tesla. read the news

The Hua Xianzi the new electric car

science and culture

The risks of GPT-4 or when an AI starts to be too smart. read the news

NASA detects an active volcano on Venus thanks to data from more than 30 years ago. read the news

James Webb captures the last moments of a star before it goes supernova. read the news

The curiosities of the day

In Indonesia, classes start at 5:30 in the morning “so that they learn discipline”, parents and doctors are desperate. read the news

Spain sneaks into the ranking of the worst beers in the world: will it be the one you are thinking of? read the news

Cruzcampo Beer

This has been the summary of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!

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