Trying to sneak 84 SSDs into an electric scooter through Chinese customs

A young Chinese man has been arrested after trying to pass 84 SSDs by chinese customswhich he had hidden inside his electric scooter.

As it happens in Spain with Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, which have a special tax regime, in mainland China you have to go through customs everything you buy in the territory of the islands.

In the qingmao custom monitor what arrives from the territory of macau. There the products are cheaper, especially the technologicalso many people try to sneak them through the customs, to later sell them more expensive in mainland China.

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84 SSDs inside an electric skateboard

On March 3, the customs agents were struck by a citizen whom they were observing, without realizing it, through security cameras. They found him suspicious because he put his bag through the X-ray machine… but not the electric scooter he was carrying.

The scooter finally passed, but it had already caught the attention of the police officers. They examined the photo, and discovered something strange in the tubular of the handlebar. They disarmed it, and inside they found 84 SSDs of the Kingston brand:

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Arrested for trying to sneak 84 SSDs into an electric scooter through Chinese customs

As we see in the cover photo, the ssd they were tied together and put in a bag. They fit right on the handlebars.

We do not know how big these SSDs were, to calculate their price. In the photo it is not distinguishable, and the customs website does not specify. But surely they will be expensive, otherwise the risk is not worth it.


A 1 or 2TB SSD exceeds 100 or 150 eurosso if the young smuggler earns 30 or 40 euros each, he could have taken more than 3,000 euros of benefits. A win worth the risk.

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But the trick of hide 84 SSD in a electric scooter, it didn’t work. We have seen other similar attempts. A few months ago, a woman posed as pregnant to hide 200 Intel processors, and another young man wrapped them in cellophane.

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