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Two global brands of running shoes prepare their entry to Peru | ECONOMY

As racing becomes more popular in Peru, the local market becomes more attractive. Thus, in 2019, two global brands of running shoes, which are not yet in the country, are preparing their entry, he pointed out. Asics.

Sources from the Japanese brand in Peru said that the local market already houses the most recognized running shoe brands. However, there are still strong competitors trying to break in.

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Currently, the competition in this segment is carried out by five brands in Peru, noted Asics, which entered the country at the end of 2016.

Indeed, the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL) reported that 73% of shoe sales in Peru corresponded to five brands in 2017, Adidas being the first on the list.

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In the United States, the main sports shoe brands are the following (considering projected sales in 2018):

Sales of sports shoes

Sales of sports shoes

Due to the demand for running shoes, Asics considered that its sales in that category would already be catching up with those of soccer shoes from other brands.

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“The markets are evolving and there are more and more races, that plays in our favour. The user wants to wear a shoe that really suits them for better performance,” said the Japanese brand.

He said that the sale of running shoes has been growing at a faster rate than soccer shoes, which is also reflected in the commercial spaces that are gaining in department stores.

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