Useless boycott: sales of branded PCs in Russia at the level of previous years

Behind the invasion of Ukraineat the beginning of 2022, all brands important of computers and processorslikeApple, HP, Dell, AMD or Intel, they withdrew from Russia, and do not sell their products in the country. However, sales reports indicate that the 90% of computers sold in Russia in 2022, They are from brands that have applied the boycott.

The reality is that the boycott of Russia It’s not doing much good when your “back door” is still wide open.

It is true that the big brands of computers and hardware do not sell to Russia… but they continue to arrive in large numbers through the black market, and from countries like Turkey, United Arab Emirates and China.

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Thus, according to a report by Komersantwhich comes to us via Tom’s Hardwarethe Intel and AMD processor sales in 2022, they were up in Russia compared to 2021, before the invasion.

Intel sold 782 million CPUs9% more than in 2021, and AMD stayed at 142 millionfalling to half that in 2021. The rest are Chinese processor brands.

Laptop sales in Russia after the boycott

Something similar happens with PC sales. the russian medium cnews has published some interesting data compiled by the statistics firm GS Group.

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The Russian market of computers is dominated by Chinese brands, such as Lenovo and Huaweithat take over the 38% of the market. Taiwanese manufacturers MSI, Acer and Asusreach 35% of sales. All these brands have applied the lock.

North American brands Apple, Dell and HP reach the 19% of the market, although it is true that they have experienced a significant drop, compared to 36% last year. So the boycott something has done The remaining 9% are Russian brands.


Virtually all of these foreign manufacturers left Russia at the beginning of 2022, but as we can see, their computers continue to be sold without a problem.

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These figures can be extrapolated to other markets, which also see how their products continue to move through local Russian stores.

It is true that the prices of the computers have gone up in Russiafor the intermediaries and the black market. But it’s still easy to find brand PCs as Apple, HP or Delldespite the boycott.

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