Versions of romance between Claudio Rígoli and Pía Slapka: the driver’s word

Claudio Rigoli and Pia Slapka
Claudio Rigoli and Pia Slapka

On March 4, the new season of The Afternoon of Ninethe weekend magazine that they host Thomas Dente and Pía Slapka for the Colegiales signal. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the journalist and the model receive protagonists of current affairs and entertainment, with live musical numbers, as well as presenting recipes, among other segments of a cycle that managed to settle on the screen in a short time. .

Last weekend they received a visit from Claudio Rigoli, one of the figures of the channel. He Countas the journalist is known, sat down in the living room and reviewed with the hosts his career in journalism that has been on the screen for 36 uninterrupted years and 27 of them in charge of the central broadcast of the channel’s newscast, and that since the last year he fulfilled the pending subject of leading a radio cycle with The best of morningsby Radio AM 540.

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The talk took place between anecdotes about the profession, a look at current events and some pearls, including mention of his already classic “Have the best of nights”, the phrase with which the man from Entre Ríos closes each edition of Telenine Central.

From their presence on the floor, viewers noticed some gestures of complicity between Rígoli and Slapka and rumors spread about a possible romance between the two. Even in blessedflagship program of the same signal, presented a report with what had happened on Sunday afternoon and the driver Beto Casella He joined those who supported the theory that there could be something more between the model and the journalist.

For this reason, teleshow He contacted Rígoli to find out his version of the rumors. And the journalist gave a forceful response in this regard. “I’m not dating anyone,” said the driver, who is the father of Augustine and Santiago.

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Meanwhile, the model separated five years ago from the representative paul garcia navarrofather of her children Benjamin and Geronimo. In recent months, versions of an alleged relationship with Benjamín Vicuña have emerged, after several publications in which she had seen them together at a top event in Cariló. On that occasion, the model went to her social networks and responded to her followers who wanted to know if she was dating the Chilean.

“I am going to answer without being so spicy because later one regrets his words. The only thing I’m going to say is that I would tell the person who threw it, that I don’t know why he threw it, because that person, whom I also know, was not even at that event, someone must have told him: ‘they were so , so-and-so’ and they said well, we’re singles, since we’re two nice people, bah I’m speaking for myself, because he has no idea… But we were both working, period. And point. That person who said it, I don’t know, had to fill in the program that he is doing, he had to say something, I understand, but no, no idea Benjamin, no idea he, anyone ”.

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With these statements, the blonde moved away from the rumors that brought her closer to Benjamin and was upset with Luli Fernández, who was the one who first disclosed the news in Socios del espectaculo. “This is anyone,” she quickly concluded to continue the Q&A exchange she generated with her followers.

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