Victoria Vannucci and her new challenge in Los Angeles: “This place gave me the strength to reinvent myself”

The video with which Victoria Vannucci said goodbye to Pachamama (Instagram)

Six years ago, victoria vannucci He left part of his past behind and embarked on a new challenge in the United States. She settled in San Diego, on the west coast, and gave life to the restaurant pachamama. In something that seemed like a rebirth, she embraced nature as the only way of life, and almost without intending to, became an ambassador for sustainability and care for the environment. And she gave life to a restaurant that connected with her country in the menu and with the depths of the earth in its etymology in the Quechua language.

In the middle of last year, Chef Vick, as it is known in the United States, moved its restaurant to Venice Beach, in Los Angeles. And shortly after settling there, she received recognition from the press, the public and her colleagues, to the point that she was distinguished as the best new restaurant in the city of Los Angeles. This is a prestigious award, which has been received by some of the best chefs in the world and represents a hallmark of distinction for her career.

But as part of this path of transformation, Victoria took a new turn in her life and is looking for new horizons. She decided it was time to end her bond with pachamama and so he communicated it in a heartfelt publication on his Instagram account.

Victoria settled first in San Diego and then in Los Angeles.
Victoria settled first in San Diego and then in Los Angeles.

“Throughout my life, there are few times that I have stopped to look back and appreciate everything I have achieved,” says Victoria, in a retrospective in which she expressed “incalculable gratitude” to those who directly or indirectly were part of this path. “My valued employees, clients who have become friends, and other entrepreneurs with whom I have had the honor and pleasure of working and learning. To my family, friends, teachers, team of chefs and cooks, clients and, above all, to Mother Earth”, she listed.

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“Six years ago, pachamama it was just a dream that grew in my mind, a vision that day by day became clearer and more defined. I dreamed of it, imagined what it would be like, and worked tirelessly perfecting it in my mind. But today, thank God, it is a reality that has far exceeded my expectations”, the chef continued about her experience in the kitchen.

The text was accompanied by a video with some of the moments that marked his adventure pachamama. “I feel a wave of emotions that invade me. On the one hand, an indescribable joy at seeing all that we have achieved, and on the other, a warm nostalgia at remembering where I came from,” she expressed.

Recognition for the best new restaurant in Los Angeles
Recognition for the best new restaurant in Los Angeles

And then he referred to his rebirth in the northern country: “Starting from scratch in an unknown country, in an unknown industry, and fighting to survive after a global cancellation was not an easy task,” he admitted. In this regard, he spoke of a path with “obstacles and challenges”, and emphasized the pride that gives him having overcome it. “In the United States I found a home. This place gave me a second chance and the strength to reinvent myself and grow as a person. But, above all, it showed me that it is not only possible to get up, but that it is also possible to re-emerge as an improved version of yourself. I can proudly say that I have lived the famous American dream,” he noted.

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Finally, he referred to his future: “Today I close a chapter in the life of my beloved Pachamama concept, but at the same time, I am confident that the new owners will continue their mission and original vision. I say goodbye today with a heart full of gratitude and pride for having led a unique and wonderful gastronomic concept. Today I close a chapter in my life, but I’m excited to open a new one with an improved version of myself. This is not goodbye, but see you soon, ”she closed.

Victoria Vannucci with Olivia and Jeannie Mai in her American television debut
Victoria Vannucci with Olivia and Jeannie Mai in her American television debut

In this way, the paths of Victoria and Pachamama fork, although they will always be united from the heart. The new owners of the restaurant plan to take their gastronomy and their concept to different parts of the United States. For her part, the former model will continue to deepen her gastronomy studies. On the near horizon she plans to write a cookbook and plans to develop her activity on her YouTube channel on a large scale. There she will present her content in Spanish and English, with a careful and attractive production in search of the great objective of any undertaking in the field: the Michelin star, which recognizes gastronomic excellence worldwide.

Victoria Vannucci's post about her future
Victoria Vannucci’s post about her future

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