Walter Festa spoke of the political future of Romina Uhrig after Big Brother: “Everything is possible”

Walter Festa spoke of the political future of Romina Uhrig after Big Brother

Walter Festa is ex-partner of Romina Uhrigparticipant of Big Brother (Telefe) and father of her two youngest daughters, congratulations and Little girl. And after that on Monday it was seen on the reality show how the former deputy was reunited with the girls, the former mayor of the Buenos Aires town of Moreno spoke in Argenzuela (C5N) and said that Uhrig does not intend to return to politics, at least for now: this scenario could change if he receives a call from Cristina Fernandez de Kirchneras speculated.

“The only thing that Romina can listen to apart from me is that there is a request from Cristina. Romina has no intention of continuing in politics, she got into this field to pursue a career that has nothing to do with politics. Yes, she is going to continue helping people on a social level, but I don’t think she wants to do politics, that’s what we talked about. Unless it is necessary for something”, said Festa in dialogue with Jorge Rial and its board.

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“If you keep in mind the rating of this program, how Romina has behaved inside the house and that apart from that we do have a relationship with Cristina, or at least we have had a communication, everything is possible,” Festa added, when asked by if you see possible that there is a contact between Cristina and Romina once the participant leaves the house of the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro.

“We left the world of politics and they continue to punish us with many injustices. And many times we have no way to defend ourselves. And well… let’s get back. Personally, I retired from politics and am with my daughters. But now, if she calls you Cristina, what do you tell her?, what not?” Said Festa, who ended his relationship with Romina a few months before she entered the televised contest.

Walter Festa spoke of the political future of Romina Uhrig after Big Brother
Walter Festa spoke of the political future of Romina Uhrig after Big Brother

“If Cristina calls you, you are going to say no. Now for what? I don’t know if Romina wants to be mayor, “insisted Festa. Then the driver Argenzuela He asked if this relationship that Romina has with Cristina could harm her in the final stretch of Big Brother and Festa said: “She has photos with Cristina. We haven’t seen her for many years… But when she entered, she said that she was a representative of the Front for Victory. We never deny who we are, we are Peronists and Kirchnerists.”

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“I think that Big Brother is a very important springboard for what she wants to do in her life, be it politics or whatever she wants. Our decision was to withdraw from politics, now what do I know what can happen tomorrow or the day after when she leaves, “said the politician, while revealing that for Romina it is” a dream “to have been able to enter the famous reality show.

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“When the day of confirmation arrived, the truth was that we could not believe it. Obviously we are a team, a family, they are my daughters and I took charge of the situation. These months I really enjoyed being with my daughters, always accompanied by Marita,” Festa said and also highlighted the importance of the babysitter who takes care of the minors and who was also present when Mía, Nina and Felicitas went to visit their mother at the house of Big Brother. “I am happy to see Romina who is advancing and she is one step away from the final,” he closed.

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