Wanda Nara enters Big Brother: why she has three suitcases, who will be her companions and what will they do

Wanda Nara announced when and at what time MasterChef debuts

After 15 years living in Europe, Wanda Nara He came to Argentina to stay. Although during the time he was in Italy, France and (now) Turkey working and accompanying first Maxi López and then Mauro Icardi in their respective soccer careers, he never stopped traveling to visit his family and friends, this time he he did with the intention of spending an extended season in Buenos Aires.

The seven suitcases with which he arrived in the country on February 16 made it clear that it would not be a short stay. And although she always travels loaded, since she needs enough for her and her five children, this time she alone needed said luggage to transport each and every one of the looks that she will wear while she is in charge of de masterchefcycle that begins next Monday, March 20 from 9:30 p.m. on the Telefe screen.

The host began the recordings of the contest weeks ago, with long days, from early in the morning until late at night. And on more than one occasion, she worked on a Saturday, as she reflected on her social networks. “Some looks for my stay in Argentina”, she wrote when she arrived in the country announcing her new job.

It was not the first time that the businesswoman had been summoned to be part of the most famous cooking reality show in the world. For example, they wanted her to be a participant in MasterChef Celebritybut he did not accept because he had scheduled commitments abroad and he also wanted to give priority to his children: it is that the recording days are very long and when they come to visit the country, he wants to enjoy his family with them.

Instead, this time, it was organized so as not to disturb anyone’s routine: she can fulfill her obligations during the day, while her children go to school. Valentine, Constantine and Benedict -from his previous relationship with Maxi López-, they began classes in Argentina, and they do not do it remotely, virtually, as happened when they traveled the world. For example, when they moved from Milan to Paris they continued their schooling at the same institution since it had offices in both cities.

While, Francesca and isabella -From his current marriage to Mauro Icardi– They are in Istanbul with the footballer and are studying there, according to the images that the Galatasaray player showed on his social networks. And Wanda will be reunited with her husband and her daughters when she finishes the recordings of master chef and return to Turkey with the rest of your family. And the youngest men will continue studying there, so as not to lose their schooling. Valentino, however, will stay in Argentina since he began his career as a footballer in River Platefollowing in his father’s footsteps.

Wanda Nara published a photo with Icardi and her daughters and wrote: "I miss them". "We love you"replied the footballer about the post
Wanda Nara posted a photo with Icardi to her daughters and wrote: “I miss them.” “We love you,” the footballer responded to the post

These days, Wanda is promoting the debut of the cooking reality show, and with this objective, this Thursday night she will enter Big Brother to surprise Julieta, Romina, Marcos and Nachothe last remaining participants in the most famous house in the country.

as far as he could tell teleshowthe driver will not be alone: ​​she will arrive accompanied by the jury of masterchefcomposed by donato santis, Damian Betular and German Martitegui. The truth is that none of the participants know, much less know the real reason, despite the fact that during their participation, there was speculation about a surprise visit from a celebrity. Camila Lattanzio -the last one eliminated- was the one who waited the longest, and made it clear to Santiago del Moro when she thought she would enter Lali Esposito.

Returning to the participants of Big Brother who will receive Wanda, Germán, Damián and Donato, they do not even know that next Monday begins masterchefTherefore, much less have knowledge of which model will be the host of the contest. In fact, the last time they saw her was last October, when she said goodbye to her before entering the house: she was in front of the Red Carpet with Robertito Funes.

Another no less detail, and that can even make them not recognize her in the first instance, is that Wanda Nara is now dark-haired, and when they saw her she was wearing her blonde hair, a look that she usually always wears and that changed a few weeks ago, hired especially for a brand.

MasterChef begins on Monday, March 20 at 9:30 p.m. on Telefe
MasterChef begins on Monday, March 20 at 9:30 p.m. on Telefe

In this way, Zaira Nara’s sister will enter tonight at Big Brother accompanied by the jury masterchef, who will be in charge of cooking for Julieta, Romina, Marcos and Nacho. They will not be able, of course, to say any information from the outside that interferes in the game, nor will they specify too much about their arrival.

In the last few hours, Wanda shared a photo on her social networks showing three large suitcases, one hand-held and a wallet. On the image she added the hashtag of Big Brother, and wrote: “I’m ready to go. You?” Mentioning the official accounts of the three cooks who will accompany her in MasterChef.

Said post alerted about the stay of Wanda and the chefs in the most famous house in the country. However, as confirmed teleshow, it will be a temporary visit: they will enter tonight, they will cook for the four participants and then they will leave. Everything will be seen at tonight’s gala, hosted by Santiago del Moro. The players, meanwhile, know nothing: they only await the arrival of Marcos’ relatives, the last remaining participant to receive his loved ones.

Wanda Nara's post on Instagram about her admission to Big Brother
Wanda Nara’s post on Instagram about her admission to Big Brother

In the midst of great expectations for the rating, and while Telefe continues to be the most watched channel on Argentine television, masterchef starts Monday at 21:30. Meanwhile, on Sunday a participant will leave the house of Big Brother, while the other two will accompany Marcos in the final that will be broadcast on Monday, March 27. Nacho, Romina and Julieta are on the list of nominees and the public will decide what the future of each one of them is.

On the other hand, although Romina Uhrig remains in the contest, there was much speculation about his possible incorporation into masterchefconsidering his passion for cooking, since since he entered he took care of the food for all the participants, and even his mother, lilianain the last hours he gave a mobile in Cut by Lozano (Telefe) where he said he would like to see her in the Wanda cycle.

However, the recordings of the cooking show began weeks ago, and it is already too advanced to be incorporated. There have already been deleted, although due to confidentiality contracts absolutely nothing can be filtered. Meanwhile, there are those who do not rule out that the former deputy may have a special participation, or with the possibility that she is a figure in the next edition of MasterChef Celebritywith other celebrities, including the former Big Brother Walter Santiago -popularly known as Alpha-.

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