Wanda Nara: “The woman is the worst enemy of the woman, never one of my partners looked at the well of cellulite that I had”

Wanda Nara: Women are women’s worst enemies, none of my partners have ever looked at the cellulite well that I had or did not have”

“I think people empathize with me because they know I come from a struggling family,” he says. Wanda Nara in a deep and reflective talk with teleshowhours after her debut as a brand new host of MasterChef Argentina.

After their separations and reconciliations with Mauro Icardi were almost a national topic of discussion, today he assures that he wants to tone down the exposure of his family life. And although he acknowledges that he owes a lot to the media, he prefers to take cover and make his decisions less publicly. In this context, he does not want to confirm anything, but he lets it be seen: “It makes me happy to always fight for my family and I will try as many times as necessary,” says Wanda.

Although some compare it to Susana Gimenez, she distances herself: she affirms that she does not want to replace anyone and assures that as a diva, she has nothing. “You see me walking on my legs through the canal. I wipe my feet, put on my sandals and go out. I do not ask for anything from the other world. I do the catering line that everyone does with the ticket”, says Nara, who this Monday will lead one of the star programs of telefe: “It is a format that I really like and being part of this great team is an enormous pleasure”.

The channel’s proposal surprised her, she did a casting again like she hadn’t had in many years. And when she had already forgotten about the subject, they called her to return from Turkey because they were two weeks away from starting to record in Argentina. And she was the chosen one.

“I ask all the time, ‘Is he okay? Can?’. I got three colleagues who are geniuses, I did not imagine that we were going to have this relationship ”, he affirms about the historical juries of the program: Damian Betular, donato santis and German Martiteguiwith whom he will meet on the air this Monday at 9:30 p.m.

Wanda Nara: “I owe a lot to the media, especially the critics, they empowered me”

—How do you live coming to drive in Argentina and leave your life in Europe for a bit?

“Some people tell me I’m crazy. Others tell me: “What need, for what?” The truth that I love. Since I was very little, I have worked in the media. When an opportunity like this comes to you, you have to accommodate everything as it is, but you can’t say no. I’m very happy.

—Are you aware of the brand you created over the years?

—No, the truth was that it was step by step. I owe a lot to the media. Especially to the critics, that another girl had been killed, and they empowered me. Sometimes you have to be careful with those criticisms because you grab a person who perhaps doesn’t have the personality that I have and you can hurt them a lot and make them frustrated with their dreams. That’s why I try to be as careful as possible with the participants of masterchef because I understand that they are exposing themselves.

—Do you feel a little that you are the new Susana?

-No. I love Susana very much. I admire her very much and I would not like it if a girl comes tomorrow and says she is the new Wanda because I feel like I would be dead. I want Susana to be there for a while, and Wanda too. And I would also like there to be new girls who can fulfill their dreams. But each one is who they have to be.

—I was asking you this about the Wanda brand because of what happens every time you take a step, post a photo, start a new project or change your hair color: you capture the attention of all of Argentina.

Yes, for better and for worse. As I told you at the beginning, the media helped me a lot and even though they sometimes tell me that I shouldn’t have stopped talking, because I came back from a trip that I had a great time and they put a microphone on you and tell you exactly that phrase how capable it ruins your whole day, I always try to give them a place because I feel that I am thanks to the media. Any artist, no matter how small, no matter how big, needs the means. I value that, I respect it and I believe that my trademark is largely thanks to the good things that have been said about me and the bad ones too.

—Do you manage your numbers, your negotiations?

“Negotiations, yes. Then, for the accounting part, I have my lifelong accountant in Argentina and one in Europe. But all other things, yes.

—But your pulse does not tremble to say: “I am worth this”.

—No, I always deal with that. The accountant already receives the closed contract, always.

Wanda Nara by Tati Schapiro

“How are the boys?”

“Very good, very happy. They have me much less. They were used to having me 24 hours and suddenly I disappeared from home, but I am on the phone all the time. Damián (Betular) picks me up, tells me: “You’re a sergeant.” I want to be in everything at the same time.

What is the best and worst part of being a mother?

—The best thing about being a mom: everything. You have a reason to live, to wake up, for everything you do. And the worst thing is that you never sleep peacefully again. From the day Valentino was born I never again had the dream that I had. You always have a broken dream.

“A state of constant vigilance.

Yes, a constant fear. I said: “When they grow up it will pass.” No, when they grow up it’s worse.

—A few months ago you made a post that said something like: “I recommend that you start giving pizza without guilt.” It was in response to some criticism and that message seemed super important to me: I understood it as enjoying and accepting ourselves as we are.

—I enjoy pizza and I suffer from it, because I am the first to find cellulite pits in the mirror afterwards and I suffer from it. And you’re like, “Wow, we’re not that far along yet that you’re going to get hired by an underwear brand and say, ‘You’re going to walk out with your cellulite pits exposed.’ Sometimes they tell you: “Wanda edits the photos.” It’s not that I edit photos: all magazines these days are looking for the best photo. One on Instagram looks for the best photo, you don’t upload your worst photo, the worst face or the worst light. We all have the same filters available because they are free and it is up to each one to use them or not. Then there is a filter that you can not put that is your personality, the codes that you have. That determines the person.

—Of course the important thing goes elsewhere and there is not a single beauty, however the social gaze is very heavy and it is not right to continue giving opinions about the bodies.

I think unfortunately the woman is the worst enemy of the woman. We are the ones who look at each other and attack each other. I think that none of the couples I had ever looked at the well of cellulite that I had or did not have. we are.

—There’s a lot to go but it’s good that we’re talking about this and being able to say that what’s important is elsewhere.

“Yes, but I get angry. It makes me very angry. This week a journalist also said: “Wanda wears a wig”, and I got a point… I have my best friend struggling to find where to buy a wig because she is going through a very serious illness and she is a very young woman, our age. You say: “Wanda wears a wig.” My friend saw it, she sent it to me and they made me feel really bad. Sometimes one speaks or hurts or says something wanting to hurt a person, or saying “Wanda is fat”, and perhaps there is a girl in her house who does not see me as fat, she sees me as skinny or looks good, and that girl She looks in the mirror and compares herself with me and says: “If Wanda is fat, what do I do?”

Wanda Nara: “People empathize with me because they know that I come from a struggling family”

“How’s the heart?”

“The heart, fine.”

—I know you don’t really want to talk about it but we are always there, attentive to what is happening.

—No, because the heart is not mathematical, so it is not 1+1. Sometimes you expose yourself so much, or my life is so exposed, that I share my decisions with the public and if it seems good to them or if it seems bad to them. Each one of his life has to do what makes him happy and that’s it. It makes me happy to always fight for my family and it may or may not bother some, but I will try as many times as necessary.

Is there a slightly more reserved profile in that sense?

—Yes, you learn it the hard way. Sometimes the more you expose yourself, the more they criticize you, and it seems that the one who is silent grants. This year they said a million barbaric things about me that were far from the truth, and you say: “What do I do? Do I have to sit in a program to deny everything? Then they tell you that you expose yourself, and it’s worse. So I let things go and time will tell that it is a lie, that it was not like that.

—What do you dream? What are you missing?

-Nothing. I always ask for health, which seems to me to be the main thing. And then everything else falls into place.

—Do we have a long time in Argentina?

—Yes, I love being in Argentina. I never stopped coming. I always thought of things so that in my humble situation I could help the country as was my company, Wanda Cosmetics, that I started it in a pandemic and everyone told me I was crazy. I said, “I want to bet.” And I discovered that a lot of things can be achieved in the country. I manufacture everything here, from the boxes. That was a great dream that I had: we give work to a lot of families, and that makes me very happy.

—What you say is very good because we are in a difficult moment, what is being lived is very hard.

-Yeah. I am not so far from all that, I come from a normal family. Sometimes they say: “What is your secret?” I think sometimes people empathize with me because they know that I come from a struggling family.. My mom used to go bartering. Argentina always had these times of ups and downs. Mauro goes to live in Europe at the time of the corralito when his parents have all the money left in the bank. I also went through difficult situations and I think we have to get ahead. You can always get ahead no matter what.

—What we are experiencing is not that far away for you.

—No, I experienced situations in my childhood and today my children also live a reality that is real. Which is what it is, life is this, it is not where they were born in Europe that perhaps they had a life that was much easier than the one we had with Zaira when we were little.

—Wanda, all the success in the world in this debut with the new season of masterchef.

-Thank you. There are very nice stories. Obviously people who want to demonstrate their talent and we are going to learn their stories little by little. It’s very exciting.

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Wanda Nara by Tati Schapiro – Full Interview

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