Warren Buffett wants to pay more taxes

In his annual letter, published in conjunction with the Berkshire Hathaway balance sheet (BERK34), Warren Buffett He dissertated on the reduction of the United States and that he wishes, successively, to contribute more to the growth of the country. You can read the complete document here.

“For the decade that ends in 2021, or Treasure two USA I received about US$32.3 trilhões in taxes, while I spent US$43.9 trilhões”, says Warren Buffett.

“At Berkshire, we expect to pay much more taxes over the next decade. We owe the country no less: the dynamism of America for an enormous contribution to whatever success Berkshire has achieved”, completed the mega-investiror.

Undocumented, Buffett fled to speak of the recent divestment of the holding company in TSMC, a Taiwanese semiconductor company that is known for its relevance and for its monstrous market share fatia.

Além disso, defended the repurchase of ações feita pela berkshire in a more than acid critique.

“When I tell you that all the buybacks are detrimental to the shareholders or to the country, and particularly beneficial to the CEOs, you are hearing an economic illiterate or an eloquent demagogue (characters that are not mutually exclusive)”, he said.

Além disse, reforçou his maxim of never bet against america and said that short-term forecasts “are not more than you inúteis”.

“I have been in office for 80 years and I have not yet seen a moment when it made sense to make a long-term bet against the United States. I highly doubted that any reader of this letter would have a different experience or future”, says Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett on lower quarter than expected

With an operating profit of US$ 18.16 billion, down from the US$ 39.6 billion seen in the same period of the previous year, Berkshire Hathaway had a remainder of about 2.5% in the last five days.

Despite this, Warren Buffett highlighted the positive points of the company’s long-term sustainability.

“Our job is to manage the operations and finances of Berkshire in a way that achieves an acceptable result over time and that preserves the unparalleled staying power of the company when financial panics or serious global recessions occur,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the demonstration reported within two standards counted oils (GAAP, in the English acronym) is not enough to make the reality of the company transparent to shareholders.

“The GAAP results are misleading when viewed quarterly or even annually. Capital gains have certainly been extremely important for Berkshire in the last few decades, and we expect them to be significantly positive in the coming decades,” he added. Warren Buffettwhich is CEO of the holding.

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