What Laurita Fernández said about Fede Bal’s infidelities and the washing machine that gave him away

Laurita Fernández talked about the infidelities of Fede Bal and the washing machine that gave him away

Laurita Fernandez and Federico Bal they separated almost five years ago after a relationship with twists and turns that had begun on the track of the Dancing for a Dream. That is why the current host of Welcome aboard (El Trece) is a word more than authorized to comment on the infidelities in which the son of Carmen Barbieri in his bond with Sofia Aldrey and that they were discovered by the activity of their washing machine.

It was in dialogue with Show Partners (El Trece) and as soon as Rodrigo Lussich mentioned the media scandal known as “chat gate” -since, based on her suspicions, Sofía discovered risque conversations that Bal had with countless women-, who will be the protagonist of the theatrical adaptation of Matilda He let out a laugh full of irony.

“If that technology had existed years ago,” replied the one who was also a couple of Frederick Hoppe and Nicolas Cabre. “It would have saved me…”, added Laurita with suspense and without wanting to say much more.

Laurita Fernandez
Laurita Fernandez

These days Fernández is in a relationship with Claudio Wig Brusca, executive producer of the program he leads and it is for this reason that he avoided deepening his opinions on the matter. Likewise, he revealed that he previously invited Fede to be part of his cycle and to appear next to an identical look like him, but the protagonist of Kinky Boots decided not to participate.

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“He also wrote me with his production to go to Rest of the world to record a program, but the truth is that I couldn’t. This was a long time ago”, said Laurita. On the other hand, she confessed that Fede’s contact is not in her current agenda. “We don’t even have each other on WhatsApp, because in a moment of fever I blocked him and deleted his phone. Now everything is more than fine ”, closed Fernández.

Fede Bal and Laurita Fernández separated in May 2018
Fede Bal and Laurita Fernández separated in May 2018

The romance between Laurita and Fede had begun amid various rumors of infidelity. The actor and the dancer forged a very close bond while they were a couple in Dancing… But at that time he was in a relationship with Barbie Velez and she with Hoppe.

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The versions at that time suggested that the actor had cheated on the daughter of Nazarena Velez with Laura. He flatly denied it. However, in March 2017 he whitewashed the romance with the dancer. The relationship was somewhat turbulent and both Fede and she went through several crises as a result of alleged infidelities on his part: some of the women he would have been with while he was Fernández’s boyfriend would have been the star Becky Vazquez and the singer Denise Romano.

In May 2018, the relationship came to an end. “We are no longer together. We decided to end the relationship because we tried and it didn’t work,” she declared in Intruders at the time. “It is better to be apart. We haven’t been together for a while, not long, but for a while. There is a lot of love and it was all on good terms, something much talked about,” Fernández added in that same interview.

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“I am going to stay with how beautiful many moments of our relationship were for me. We understand that it is the best for both of us. He is someone very important to me, but a lot happened and the best thing is to be this way, ”she said.

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