WhatsApp bets on intelligence: soon you will be able to copy text from photos

WhatsApp It carries a rhythm of updates of the most interesting. In recent weeks, it has launched several new features that will soon reach mobile devices. At the moment, these features are under development and have not been officially released in the stable version of the application like the change in groups.

Of course, thanks to the leaks to which they have access WABetaInfo we can see how the functionalities will be when they are officially launched. The last thing that has been seen is that the messaging application will integrate intelligent features when it comes to recognizing text from different images.

The novelty comes to face the rise of AI and, in recent weeks, AI has taken on great relevance within the sector. In fact, the GPT-4 model was released this week and also the Midjourney V5. Now WhatsApp seems to want to integrate intelligence as one of its own features.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to this new feature is that it is only found in version 23.5.77 of the application for phones with the iOS operating system. Yes, again WhatsApp puts iPhone phones ahead of Android devices. Let’s see how this new feature works on the iPhone.

WhatsApp integrates a new smart feature to the iPhone app

The operation is quite simple and, in fact, all you have to have is an image that contains text. This image can then be viewed within WhatsApp and select the text inside the image. At a general level it seems somewhat insignificant, but this means that you will no longer have to use other applications such as Google Lens.

WhatsApp bets on intelligence: soon you will be able to copy text from photos

It is completely unknown if the feature will reach phones with the Android system, although WhatsApp may have settled for launching it only for devices with iOS. The future of the application may start to take a different path until now and bet on intelligence.

In case you have an iPhone with iOS 16 what you will have to do is search for the application in the Apple App Store and update it to start enjoying the novelty. The feature may not appear so in case this happens it is best to be patient until it reaches your Apple iPhone device.

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