WhatsApp completely changes access to a group

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that has become a fundamental tool for communication between friends, family, and work colleagues. One of the main uses of the application is the creation of groups to share information, photos and videos.

However, it can sometimes happen that someone we don’t know well joins a cluster and start sending messages that are not appropriate for the rest of the members. In these cases, It is important to have control over who can enter the group and who cannot.

WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows group admins to manually select who to allow into the group. This function is very useful for those groups who want more control over their membership.

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To use this feature, the group admin needs to go to the group settings and select the “Invite Participants” option. Then a list of all contacts who have the app installed on their phone will be displayed. The group administrator can manually select the contacts to add to the group and send them an invitation.

WhatsApp changes the way access to groups works

It is important to note that group admins can choose who can join the group even if the group is set to “Public”. This means that even though the group is visible to anyone, only those who are selected by the administrator will be able to join the group and participate in the conversations.

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Also, if the group administrator wants to further limit group entry, they can select the “Administrators Only” option. This option will only allow those contacts who are administrators of the group to enter the group. This way, the group becomes an exclusive space for administrators and the entry of unwanted people is prevented.

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WhatsApp completely changes access to a group

In conclusion, the manual selection of participants in WhatsApp groups is a very useful tool for those groups that want to have more control over their membership.

Group admins can manually choose the contacts they want to add to the group, even if the group is set to public. Additionally, they can further limit group entry by selecting the “Administrators Only” option.

This function helps maintain privacy and security in WhatsApp groups and ensures that only desired members can join and participate in conversations.

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