Why do electric cars need less maintenance than gasoline or diesel cars?

The automotive industry is undergoing a revolution like never before with the advent of electric cars. After more than a hundred years with the traditional combustion engine, vehicles are opting for the electric motor to reduce emissions from the automotive sector.

He electric car it has many advantages, as we have always discussed here. But it also has disadvantages where the gasoline or diesel vehicle becomes strong, such as autonomy and refueling / recharging times.

Today the idea is to comment on a very important topic, but one that is often overlooked: maintenance costs. For drivers, car maintenance costs can represent a large percentage of the money invested in the vehicle, including the ITV. And there comes the electric.

One of the biggest benefits that these cars offer is the significant reduction in the cost of maintenance.. Next, we will explain the reasons why electric cars need less maintenance than gasoline and diesel cars.

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fewer moving parts

One of the main reasons electric cars require less maintenance is that they have fewer moving parts than gasoline and diesel cars.

The internal combustion engines have hundreds of moving partsfrom the crankshaft to the valves, which require constant lubrication and maintenance.

By contrast, electric motors have fewer moving parts, which means less wear and tear and fewer parts that require maintenance and fewer visits to the shop.

sodium battery for electric car

Less fluids and filters

internal combustion vehicles they need a variety of fluids to function properly, from engine oil to transmission fluid to coolant. Each of these fluids must be changed periodically, which can be expensive.

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Furthermore, the cars gasoline and diesel They have a variety of filters, from air filters to fuel filters, that need to be replaced regularly.

Electric cars, on the other hand, don’t have as many fluids or filters that need to be changed, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

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Less brake wear

Another reason electric cars require less maintenance than gasoline and diesel cars is that the brakes don’t wear out as quickly.

Electric motors have a regenerative braking feature that uses the car’s kinetic energy to charge the battery, meaning less pressure is needed on the mechanical brakes.

This significantly reduces wear on the brake pads and discs, resulting in fewer visits to the workshop.

Electric car

Less emissions problems

The Gasoline and diesel cars are subject to strict emission controls, which can result in costly repairs if they do not meet established standards. In addition to that they have to pay more in taxes for these emissions.

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Electric cars have no polluting emissions and therefore do not need to go through emissions tests and when it’s time to pay for it ITV or pay for the circulation tax, their prices are lower to gasoline or diesel cars.

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Less mechanical problems

Finally, electric cars are less prone to mechanical problems. Internal combustion engines are complicated and can fail in many areas, from the battery to the transmission.

On the other hand, electric motors are simpler and therefore less prone to mechanical problems. In conclusion, electric cars require significantly less maintenance than gasoline and diesel cars.

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