Why doesn’t the iPhone always show the option to reject calls?

When you receive a call on your iphone, you will usually see two buttons on the screen: a green one to accept the call and a red one to reject it. However, there are times when the red button does not appear. Why does this happen? The reason is much simpler than you may believe and has nothing to do with what various people believe.

The first thing to consider is the state of the mobile device. No, we are not talking about whether the iPhone is charged or lacks battery. We refer to whether it is locked or unlocked. Yes, oddly enough, it depends on whether or not the button to reject a request appears call on the iPhone.

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As we have seen, In case of receiving a call with the iPhone locked, what will happen is that a sliding button will appear to answer the call. In this case, the Apple device will not show the red button to reject the call and the green button to accept it, but we can make these buttons appear.

Despite the fact that the device is locked and the sliding button that only gives the option to answer has appeared, the call can also be rejected with the red button. To do this, it is necessary to double-click the lock and unlock button of the iPhone, after clicking twice the menu will appear with the red and green button.

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This is the reason behind whether or not your iPhone shows the button to reject a call

Following the logic, the button to reject a call will appear when the device is unlocked. Yes, it’s that easy. If you are using the iPhone to browse or visit social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, when you receive a call, the menu that will appear will have a red button to reject and a green button to accept the call.

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Why doesn't the iPhone always show the option to reject calls?

In general terms, that Manzana change the menu depending on whether the iPhone is locked or not is something strange. But it can be useful in certain situations, although it is best to know the reason behind these types of choices at the interface level since, if you don’t know it, it can be strange not to see this button regularly.

Now that you know how to make the button reject a call appears you can not accept calls even with the phone locked.

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