Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3, very cheap headphones that look like AirPods

Xiaomi is a brand that is primarily specialized in cheap technological products, although little by little it has been selling non-technological gadgets, especially in China, as well as premium devices, especially mobile phones.

Despite these two parallel dynamics, it is undoubtedly the cheap products that take sales by storm, and right now there are wireless headphones that fit this description like a glove. Are the Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3which do not reach 30 euros on Amazon and not on the xiaomi storeAlthough in this second option they are a little more expensive, but not too much.

The first thing that catches your attention is the design, and that is that they are surprisingly similar to Apple AirPods, not the Pro but the first of those that this brand released for sale, although on the other hand it must be said that the AirPods clones are a genre unto themselves.

The Redmi Buds 3 Pro are not bad at all and have ergonomics designed for all those who do not support in-ear headphones, those that are embedded inwards. Not only that, but they also stand out for their good battery life, which under normal conditions and with successive charges of the case can reach 20 hours.

With a single charge, always depending on the brand, they reach about five hours of battery life, which is not bad for playing sports, watching movies or series on the mobile or entering video calls and online classes.

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Yes, there is a small drawback to put on them, although it is not really that important if we look at the price they have, and that is that They do not have noise cancellation, although if they did and cost less than 30 euros it would be really striking.

Bluetooth 5.2 is a relatively recent standard that these headphones have and that helps, for example, to maintain much better signal stability than in previous years, without constant cuts as is often the case among the cheapest headphones on the market.

Beyond the price they have, which is very, very attractive, shipping is free on Amazon if you have a Prime account. You must have it, since when it does not reach 29 euros the store does not assume the postage, although fortunately you can always take advantage of Prime’s free trial month if you don’t already have it.

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